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CD Player

Despite competition from on-line sources there is still a lot of life left in the CD player. While there has been a considerable amount of publicity given to a very small number of manufacturers who have discontinued their ranges of CD players, the vast majority of companies continue to forge ahead with new (and better) players.


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Classic Line CD Player
Precision fully balanced analogue output stage operating in class A, sets the basis for great performance

RRP $4,499

Better than ever
Marantz ups the value stakes with this new fully featured single disc player

RRP $610

The ultimate music listening experience
Incorporating a host of exclusive technologies from Marantz's reference class players...

RRP $2,360

For music lovers
The new CD6006 is a fine-tuned version with specially selected components and optimized layout circuit.

RRP $1,060

Special Edition
Lovingly fine-tuned and passionately optimized for High Resolution files....

RRP $4,990

Impeccable performance
COMING SOON - The perfect match for the highly acclaimed Nu-Vista 800 integrated.

RRP $12,995

Outstanding performance
Uses a 32 bit DAC with 192 kHz up-sampling and delivers outstanding technical and musical performance.

RRP $4,795

CD Player and stand-alone DAC
Designed to give outstanding CD reproduction and to be a digital hub.

RRP $2,495

Performance Player
A high performance CD player engineered for musicality and simplicity...

RRP $1,099

Slimline Quality
Audiophile-like performance and engineering at a very non-audiophile-like price!

RRP $479

A very valvey CD
Not just valves, but innovative circuitry make this one special.

RRP $2,599 Was $3,875

First class CD transport
The last transport system you'll ever need....and possibly the best ever made...

RRP $8,295

CD/DVD Memory player
A ground-breaking product that removes all digital sound limitations retrieving everything from your CD collection without any jitter or sonic loss.

RRP $5,495

High End SACD/CD
Built to match the A-S3000 amplifier

RRP $7,499

Son of S-Series
Can be confidently used with amplifiers in this or higher price ranges

RRP $949

Multi-disc, and iPod via USB
The ever-popular carousel format supplemented by direct-digital USB for iPod

RRP $729

Single Disc Player
Has USB iPod Interface for direct digital transfer

RRP $699