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Yamaha - CD-C600


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We know that many of our customers still use their CDs and want to have a dedicated CD player, either single or Multi disc. These are catered for by Yamaha with these models, however they have also recognised the trend for all sorts of people to start to get into iPod as an alternative parallel source of music. Once you have finished playing all those CDs, simply plug in your iPod via your USB cable directly into the front of the Yamaha CD Player. Your iPod music will take on a new dimension by using the audio decoders onboard the CD player as opposed to the smaller decoders designed to decode your audio for your headphones. Both the CD-S300 and the CDC-600 have this new 'made for iPod' USB interface, and the results are excellent, particularly if you store music in a lossless form in your itunes library rather than one of the lossy MP3 forms.


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