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Media Centre

The Media Center is still the new kit on the block, but it is rapidly growing in popularity. A Media Center is a digital storage device where you can store your music, movies, pod-casts and photos (or any combination of the above) for easy retrieval at any time.

Because they are computer based you have almost unlimited options when it comes to filing this information. For example you can arrange your music collection by genre (classical, party etc), by artist, release date etc. The flexibility applies to all of your digital files.

The other big advantage is that once on your system it is not difficult to direct these files to any area of your house.

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Hi Res on the go
Now you can comfortably listen to high resolution audio, anytime and anywhere.

RRP $399 Was $599

Hi-Res Portable Audio
Combines top DACs with large storage and superb HD reproduction

RRP $2,799

Portable Hi-Res Audio
Superb audio capability that can be enjoyed anywhere

RRP $2,749

Hi-Res Portable
Superior sound quality, 96GB memory with SD cards, external DAC capability


A new masterpiece
Get the most authentic sound from any digital music format with enhanced features that are sought-after by Pro-Audio.

RRP $3,999 Was $4,799

High end network player
Reference-class Network Audio Player and DAC with a host of internet streaming and device connectivity options.

RRP $5,990

HiFi Elegance
Store up to 2,000 CD albums at full lossless quality, and enables you to seamlessly integrate your music collection.

RRP $2,995

Versatile Streamer
Streamed audio is a hi-fi revolution and the ND5 XB unlocks its potential.

RRP $5,150

The Ultimate Naim Streamer
the NDS lifts network streaming and digital audio sources up to the high-end.

RRP $15,500

Turns data back into music
plays UPnP audio streams, internet radio, iPod or iPhone audio, and files stored on USB memory hardware.

RRP $7,825