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Astell and Kern - AK100 II


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The AK100 II is the “budget” version of Astell & Kern’s superb series of portable High Resolution audio players*. But don’t be fooled into thinking this gets you anything less than a superb piece of equipment. Fitted with a Wolfson 8740 DAC (24 bit/192kHz), it can give you replay quality that can’t be beaten by most full-size components. This is represented by disappearingly low distortion of 0.0009% and signal to noise of 110dB. (*See also the AK240 and AK120 II.)

As well as giving you this top-flight performance in portable size, the AK100 II can also act as a DAC for any other source you want to play through it via optical or USB digital inputs, then taking out line level signals for your amplifier. But of course the secret weapon in the armoury is the hi-res audio that you can obtain now from various suppliers by download. This means that you are getting full studio master quality rather than a downgraded or compressed form. The cumulative effect of all this hardware and high quality audio files makes the AK100 II a superior source into any high quality hifi system.

The AK100 is equipped with dual microSD card slots and supports up to 96GB of storage space.
To playback large MQS music tracks, it is essential to have large enough storage space in the AK100. With 32GB of built-in internal memory and the dual 32GB high-speed microSD card slots, a total of 96GB of music files can be saved on the AK100. Fourth generation of MQS Albums supported on microSD cards.
The additional memory card slot holds an important point. 24-bit album recordings will soon be released with music files stored in microSD memory cards. For a mainstream album, LP (vinyl) records would be considered as first generation, second generations are cassette tapes, and Compact Discs (CDs) is the third and current generation. Fourth generation albums are considered as MQS albums that are released in high capacity microSD memory cards. Comfortably enjoy two albums at once through the dual memory card slots of the Astell&Kern.
With the Astell&Kern and a nice set of headphones, audio enthusiasts will appreciate even more various genres of music. Use the touch interface of the built-in 5-band equalizer to delicately find the tone you desire. In addition, touch the screen to finely adjust the value of each band.
The control buttons and touch screen of the AK100 ensures fast and efficient operation. The synchronization of the 4-way user interface, 2.4inch (6.09cm) touchscreen, volume control wheel, and control buttons creates an easy to use experience. The interface of the AK100 is designed for a quick search and instant listening of MQS music.
The brushed aluminum pores finish represents a deep and refined craftsmanship not traditionally found in a combination.
General Specifications
Display: 2.4inch QVGA (320 x 240) IPS Touchscreen
Supported Audio Formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, APE, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG
Sample rate: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC : 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24-bits per sample)
Output Level: 1.5Vrms (No Load)
DAC: Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DAC (High-End Audio DAC)
Decoding: Supports up to 24-bit / 192kHz Bit to Bit Decoding
Charging Interface: Micro USB Type-B
Interface: USB 2.0, OPTICAL IN/OUT, Headphone Out
Dimensions: 59x79x15mm (wdh)
Weight: 122g
Feature Enhancements: Firmware upgrades supported
Audio Performance
Frequency Response: ±0.02dB (Condition: 20Hz~20kHz) / ±0.2dB (Condition: 10Hz~70kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 110dB (1kHz 0dB, 24bit 48kHz, No Load)
Crosstalk: -120dB (1kHz 0dB, 24bit 48kHz, No Load)
THD+N: 0.0009% (1kHz 0dB, 24bit 48kHz, No Load)
IMD SMPTE: 0.003% (24bit 48kHz, No Load)
Output Impedance: 20 ohm



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