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Panasonic - DMR-BWT955


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This Smart Netwrok 3D Blu-ray Disc and DVD recorder won't leave you wanting for capability and provides the perfect companion for Panasonic's new range of televisions. 

Record 3 Programs Simultanously in HD Quality. 
With a Triple HD Tuner - you can record three programs simultanously, so there's no need to worry about missing out on recording a program when three programs overlap. 

Easy Settings for All of your favourite series
Setting up for series recording has never been easier with by registering TV programs suchs as dramas with the Series recording fuctionn, they can be automatically recorded and stored each time thye are broadcast. This eliminates the possibility of of forgetting to record each program and it lets you watch the programs at any preference time.

Easily watch TV programs anywhere you please!
Now you can easily watch both recorded and live broadcasts on your smart phone or tablet device. Watch them or stream them at home or on the go!

Highly Realistic Images 
Get 4K direct Chorma up-scaling thanks to the new UnipherLSI Chip wchich uses unique picture-enhancing technology to convert Full HD from Blu-ray discs. Both detail and color reproduction lelvels and four times as high as Full HD images for truly beautiful images. 

Improved Pure Sound 
High Clarity Sound Premium fuction enhances sound quality by switching off video digital processing circiut (and the HDMI output circuit in case of analog connection) for much improved sound quality. 

Experience a new world of Ultra High Quality Images in 4K 
Now you can truly bring the ever expanding world of high-quality 4K content into your home. In addition to its 4K playing ability, you can now record 4K content onto it's built in HDD AND view the 4K view taken with a Panasonic LUMIC camera or camcorder via an SD card. 

Access all areas online 
You can now access the various content and services through the internet and home networks. In addition, the recorder let your enjoy content in a wide variety of genres including sports, games, music and much more. 


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