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Tivoli - Model One BT


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 Echoing the appearance of Henry Kloss' famous tube model the KLH Model Eight, the Tivoli Model One broke new ground in harnessing modern circuitry for great sound while appealing to many with its retro looks. These include the timber cases and the Vernier tuning scale, entirely manual, but capable of precise tuning.

The new Model One BT also has that  rich and easy-listening sound, and now sports connections (on the rear panel)  for Headphone, Aux in, external AM antenna, and line out, plus the Bluetooth reception. With Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT with Bluetooth wireless technology, simply switch to the Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favorite music wirelessly. It’s that simple.

It can be powered directly from mains, or 12V DC.


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