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Turntables aren't making a comeback - they never went away! We carry a range from good entry level to the ultimate high end, together with some excellent replacement pickup cartridges and stylists.

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Exceptional design
This is Avid's entry level turntable but it's very much a sophisticated piece of engineering...

RRP $2,499

Huge dynamic sound
Engineered holistically – each part designed specifically to contribute to an overall performance.

RRP $4,295

Designed to last
A superb example of 21st Century craftsmanship, design and quality from the UK and very difficult to resist.

RRP $11,195

New Turntable
Stunningly finished in Polished Chrome, this product is the natural choice of equipment for those who demand the best.

RRP $20,099

Simply superb
Fine engineering, very heavy platter, suspended sub-chassis. Capable of many refinements and mods.

RRP $5,695

High quality not high price
Offering a high quality low resonance 9" pickup arm (magnetic anti-skating) with steel tipped bearings housed in zirconium with rubber damping...

RRP $799 Was $999

Classic Greatness
Traditional frame design which was established by the famous turntable manufacturers of the 50’s with modern engineering.

$999 Special Offer Was $1,599

Accurate advancement
The Planar 6 has one goal, to reproduce your vinyl as accurately as possible.

RRP $1,999

Engineering par excellence
The most radical development of the Roy Gandy designs

RRP $3,498

A truly remarkable package
Years in development , the new Planar 3 is now landing with improved sonic performance and ergonomics...

RRP $1,249

A welcome return
The new Planar 2 was developed over the past two years alongside the recently released Planar 3

RRP $849

Performance beyond price
When it's time to get serious about turntables, the Planar 1 is perfect user friendly solution!

RRP $549

The elegant classic
Technical finesse and first-rate sound go hand in hand with elegant appearance.

RRP $1,599

Nicely balanced
Not just for beginners with a decent plinth and platter mass for excellent clarity.

RRP $999