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AVID - Acutus SP


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Acutus turntable is radically different from current design theories. Designed from a clean sheet, leaving nothing unexplored or unresolved. Setting a standard of musical reproduction others aspire to achieve. In brief, this is a belt drive, sprung subchassis design and this is where similarity with other designs stops. On first appearance you can see there is something different and you would be right.

Completely Re-Imagining a Turntable’s Function Leads to Breakthrough Design
Devised from the ground up, the Acutus Chrome SP re-imagines the elemental function of a turntable and how parts can best serve their primary purposes: to support a pick-up arm and cartridge, spin a record at a constant speed, and isolate the stylus interface from unwanted energy. In studying how to achieve these goals, AVID founder Conrad Mas literally threw away the book when creating the Acutus Chrome SP. His refusal to compromise on any aspect and years of intense research led AVID to develop its unique 'energy transmission system,' which results in unparalleled record stability and zero vibration at the stylus. You will experience immersive spatial acoustics, intense dynamics, massive soundstages, micro- and macro-details, perfect timing, and outstanding stability every time you play vinyl. There’s seemingly no limit to what the Acutus Chrome SP does with LPs.

Ten-Times More Powerful Motor Delivers Unparalleled Synchronicity
Opposite the approach of its competitors, AVID employs an intensely powerful hand-built AC synchronous motor to let the twin-belt drive control the platter. Offering ten times the power of conventional motors and completely tuned to match the power supply, it reduces noise and vibration to immensely low levels and is powered by a cutting-edge, split-phase quartz-locked DSP power supply that keeps the motor speed exactly constant. The resultant synchronicity between stylus and record, eliminated vibration, zero stylus drag, and absence of cogging means that you hear smoother sound, greater rhythmic drive, bigger dynamics, and tremendous bass and treble definition. The Acutus Chrome SP’s gargantuan 10kg aluminum platter also contributes to the photographic images, sumptuous warmth, rich transients, and emotional depth you’ll hear whether playing classic Miles Davis, sonorous classical pianism from Lang Lang, or modern rock by The National.

Say “Goodbye” to Unwanted Vibrations and “Hello” to Sumptuous Sound
AVID also bonds a polymer disc to the platter to reflect vibration caused by the stylus and channel it through the bearing to which records is grounded. Hence, unlike plastic platters that store vibration or felt mats that cause records to vibrate, unwanted vibrations are effectively dispelled. The Acutus Chrome SP’s distinctive frequency-adjustable suspension further contributes to the ‘table’s prowess by providing unparalleled stable vertical movement and isolation, yielding damping and energy transfer solutions unique to AVID. Complex physics aside, what matters most is how AVID's evolved thinking impacts the music you adore. Put simply, the Acutus Chrome SP extracts more music out of vinyl’s grooves than any other 'table in its price class, and does so in a manner that enhances every prized audible aspect of music while simultaneously decreasing traits that distract from the musical experience.

Acutus Chrome SP All About the Music You Hear—And How You Hear It
Despite all the advanced theories and perfectionist implementations behind the Acutus Chrome SP, this is a turntable that’s simple to use and an absolute joy to admire. You’ll likely be spinning records within an hour of un-boxing the ‘table and, once you start, you will never want to stop. AVID realizes one universal theme towers above all else: It’s about the music you hear, and you how you hear it, and nothing else. Contact a Music Direct audio consultant today to help arrange a perfect tonearm and cartridge to accompany the Acutus Chrome SP and begin your journey to everywhere records can take you.

**Please note that this price does not include arm or cartridge**

Drive - Twin Belt drive
Speeds - 33.3 and 45.0 RPM
Platter mass - 10.0 Kghs
Bearing - Inverted stainless steel
Thrust point - Tungsten carbide/Sapphire
Suspension - 3 point, springs in vertical, O-rings in lateral frequency + vertical 2.5 Hz (variable), lateral 4.5 Hz
Tonearms - Std. cut for SME (adapters to order) Current configuration is with SME 309 ($23,000).
Motor - Hand built 24v 140mNm ac synchronous
Power supply - DSP Vari-SPeed control unit
Voltage input - 100-240vac 50/60Hz 20 watts max. (depending on region)
Dimensions - Turntable (overall) 460 x 400 x 210mm (WxDxH)
Dimensions  - Turntable (footprint) 410 x 360mm (WxD)
P.S.U. 250 x 215 x 95mm (WxDxH)
Net weight - 19.0Kg (42lb) turntable only & 3.5Kg (8lb) psu only


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