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The ‘character’ of your system will be governed by your choice in speakers. There are a number of points that you should be aware of when it comes to choosing speakers.

  1) The perfect speaker does not exist. There are compromises in all speakers, and the speaker that is right for you is the one whose compromises you can live with.

2) Your listening habits and interests will dictate the speakers that appeal to you. If you listen to music at very high levels you will gravitate to a larger and highly efficient speaker. If you listen primarily to chamber music your choice will be different to someone who listens to heavy metal.

3) There is a compromise for smaller size. There has been a trend towards smaller and aesthetically pleasing speaker designs, and this is one of the compromises mentioned above. A loudspeaker works by moving air, and physics dictates that the more air you wish to move, the greater the cubic capacity needs to be. There are many very good small and aesthetically pleasing speakers on the market. Just don’t expect them to sound like a full range live concert!



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Sunfire XTEQ brings so much more than just spectacular sound.

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The largest and most sophisticated of Audio Physic’s new and affordable Classic line.

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