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The centre channel is the most important speaker in any Home Theater system. It carries almost all of the dialogue, and much of the other on-screen information. At times the centre speaker is responsible for over 70% of the total soundtrack.

It is also essential that the centre speaker sonically matches the left and right speakers. It is common for the soundtrack to move from one side of the room to the other passing through the centre speaker on the way. If the centre speaker is sonically different to the left and right you will get a change in tonal character as the sound passes through it.


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Power and poise
Perfect for biggest of home cinema set-ups.

RRP $1,299 Was $1,799

Transparent Power
This three-way centre-channel speaker delivers unprecedented power and transparency, for totally convincing voice reproduction.

RRP $1,799

Compact performer
A great choice for home cinema set-ups in smaller rooms...

RRP $1,199

To Match Series V
Completely redesigned with updated drivers and cabinet

Center Stage
Room filling sound at a price that will surprise for it's performance...

RRP $599

Focused elegance
The perfect center speaker for an Esprit powered cinema configuration

From $999

Quality central
High quality center channel speaker will exceed your expectations.

RRP $2,999

Centered excellence
Final piece you need to complete your perfect 5.1 system.

RRP $449 Was $549