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Advancements in technology now allow you to simply distribute music to any room of your home. In situations where you don't floor standings speakers to be a focal point of the room or perhaps space does not allow In-ceiling or in wall speakers are excellent alternative.  

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers sit flush with the ceiling or wall, and the grilles can be painted to match the ceiling/wall, allowing them to almost completely disappear.

There are a number of considerations in relation to the using wall or in-ceiling speakers – so it’s important to ensure that you make the right decisions.
Where should you place them?

Once your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers have been installed they cannot be moved around, so they must be situated to produce the best quality sound throughout the room.
Because optimized sound placement and wiring to those locations can be complicated, you may want to have a professional handle the installation. Get it wrong, and you could be dealing with a sub-par sound audio experience for a long time.

Wiring Capabilities
Outfitting your home with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers requires running wires from an audio system in one part of the room to each speaker location.
The wiring must not interfere with plumbing, ventilation or heating and cooling systems. Before making any holes, always check to make sure your speaker locations will work and aren’t obstructed by studs, piping or other wires. Also, familiarize yourself with local building and fire codes before you get started.
We can help with speaker wiring, placement, specifications based on performance requirements and configurations just wireless or Wi-Fi options which can make the task much less pain-full.

Sound Quality.
In-wall or In-Ceiling speakers essentially are conventional speaker drivers used on wall or ceiling applications. It’s critical that the speaker design itself has a decent cone design that will allow it to produce good sound quality and projection.
Often due to compromises in design In-ceiling speakers won’t offer quite the same sound dispersion of the audio signal as they would with conventional floor or bookshelf style speakers. Therefore when considering placement and quantity these different attributes need to be taken into account to ensure a good quality sound is produced.

Audio technology is always evolving. But when you’ve installed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you won’t be able to simply swap them for the latest sound equipment.

In-Wall Versus In-Ceiling – What’s Better? 
Deciding whether a wall-mounted or embedded in-wall or in-ceiling speaker is the best option for you, the choice ultimately comes down to sound quality and the type of result you are trying to achieve.

True Dolby ATMOS Sound for home theatre configurations for example uses ceiling mounted speakers to achieve a new era of surround sound emersion.
Some in the audio industry say that in-wall and wall-mounted speakers are better because they produce sound at ear-level, while in-ceiling speakers only project the sound down on top of your head. However, depending on the layout of the room where the speakers will be installed, and again the type of application you are using them for, In-Ceiling speakers are a viable option in many situations.

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Ceramic-Aluminium Technology
Delivers better low frequency for a small increase in size

$429 each / $858 per pair

suits left/centre/right positions
Fully pivoting woofer assembly and tweeter level adjustments

$429 each / $858 per pair

Suits music or theatre
Fully pivoting sub-assembly, Glass-fibre woofer and fluid-cooled Teteron tweeter...

$1098 per pair

Three way design
Fully Pivoting Woofer/Mid Assembly

$849 each

High Definition In-wall
Steerable tweeter and baffle-mounted bass/treble controls


Brilliant Performer
Audition these in the store, you'll hear the benefits

$719 each / 1458 per pair

High-performance in-wall
Fully adjustable EQ to suit each situation

RRP $899 Was $1,499

Invisible sound
Two-way, full-range loudspeaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation...

RRP $1,299

Invisible installation
A full range, invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speaker that leaves no trace....

RRP $2,499

Invisible excellence
2-way, full-range speaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation.

RRP $1,099

Compact convenience
Tight spaces, smaller rooms or more creative applications, the ICT4 can handle them all.

$399 per pair

Clever concealment
The subtle design of the ICT5 blends seamlessly with any interior while proving excellent dynamic sound.

$499 per pair

Powerful execution
The ICT7 gives you the powerful sound capability in while remaining virtually unseen in any given room

$699 per pair

A big secret
The biggest in-ceiling in the Triangle Secret range offers impressive performance while staying hidden...

$899 per pair

Minimal space, maximum sound
Endless applications for Triangles in-wall speaker from the new Secret range...

$759 per pair