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Speakercraft - AIM5 Three


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The AIM series was developed to enhance the impression of the sound coming from "in front of" the listener, rather than "above". It has been so successful that there are now a lot of different AIM models, ranging upwards from the AIM5 series through the 7", 8" and onwards to the top-of-the-line AIM10 models. Instead of the speaker having just a tilting tweeter, the whole bass and treble driver assembly tilts together in a type of ball-joint arrangement. This gives better propagation of all frequencies towards the listener. The two models of AIM5 are the smallest in the AIM series, and while they still have the clarity of the larger models, will have less bass than the others. Depending on the usage they are being put to, this may not be an issue. For theatre applications a subwoofer will add the required deep bass, and for primary music areas the same solution can be used. For rooms where listening is more casual but excellent clarity is still required, the AIM5 speakers will do the job with style.


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