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Speakercraft - MT8 Two

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The 8-inch MT series was created to address those situations where higher performance was required from an in-wall installation. Beginning with high-quality components, we created a very unique design that allowed for greater electronic and physical adjustability. We began by mounting both the midrange and tweeter drivers on a single module we call the 'Uni-Pivot.'

This allows the mid and high frequencies to be directed toward the listening area, a function formerly only available in a cabinet speaker. We also added individual EQ adjustments to each speaker to allow the installer to tune the speaker based on its proximity to adjacent walls or ceiling surfaces.

AIM7 MT 8 Two Features: 8' Glass Composite Cone Woofer with Phase Plug; 2 1/2' Glass Composite Dome Uni-Pivot Midrange; 1' Glass Composite Dome Uni-Pivot Tweeter; Front-Mounted Buttons Allow for up to 3dB of Bass, Midrange & Treble Adjustment; Timbre-Matched to All Two Series Speakers.


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