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We have a wide range of loud speakers at Len Wallis Audio for you to discover to suit every size, system or budget. 

This category covers both the main speakers in your Home Theatre system and the speakers you use in a two-channel stereo system.

Your choice of speakers may vary depending on the application above. If the speakers are for use in a theatre environment your choice will be made on the assumption that you will also be using a sub-woofer, which will be handling all frequencies below approximately 120Hz. It is not common to use a sub-woofer in a two channel system – although it can be done.

If you are hoping to use the speakers for both applications (i.e. in a theatre system, but also to listen to music) it is our suggestion that your choice be made while listening to music. Most speakers which work well in a stereo environment will also work well in a theatre environment. The opposite does not always hold true.

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timber or glass finishes
A strong performer in this price range, and stylish too.

from $4500

A good thing made better
Made with care, integrity, and pride, and finished to an extremely high standard....

RRP $14,995 Was $21,500

serious sound, elegant style
With efficiency at 91dB and covering a frequency range of 29Hz to 40kHz, this is a speaker with many virtues.

from $9,600

Speed and Accuracy
Transparency, Imaging, something special.

$3100 or $3700 Premium Finish

One of the best
This latest generation Axis Voice Box S is a special little speaker.

RRP $2,495

The search is over
The flagship floorstanding speaker of the CM Series sets a new standard for performance.

RRP $6,500

Upgraded favourite
Five Star rating from What*HIFI

RRP $999

Ideal small bookshelf model
A compact two way with added clarity & dynamics

RRP $799

A completely revised design
Slimmer and more efficient, and with improved detail.

RRP $1,699

Technology, Performance, Price
More precise treble, new bass drivers, new midrange ... a whole new deal!

RRP $2,499

Compact diamond
Featuring studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond dome tweeter.


The hero of sound
A source of innovation with a diamond revolution to adapting Kevlar - pioneering technologies eight years in development.

RRP $33,900

New shape in sound
The most compact headed model Bowers & Wilkins has ever made is also one it's best...

RRP $22,900

The flagship
A relentless pursuit of technological innovation & sound quality, this is the best speaker B&W have done yet.

RRP $41,900

Straight up great sound
The 804 D3 delivers incredibly high-performance sound in a traditional loudspeaker form with a smaller footprint.

RRP $12,900

High performance compact
Designed for use on a bookshelf or stand, the 707 S2 is a high performance compact speaker that’s ideal for smaller rooms.

RRP $1,499

Three dedicated Aerofoilâ„¢ bass drivers + solid body tweeter housing, brings studio-quality sound to home audio set-ups.

RRP $6,499