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(Stock will be a bit scarce to begin with, and in black only, with white coming later. Demo stock is here now)

The 683 S2 features a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter - technology evolved from Bowers & Wilkins CM10 speaker. The double dome design uses an extremely thin aluminium dome for lightness, surrounded by a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity. The result is a far more precise treble performance. And while the tweeter looks like it’s part of the main speaker, it’s physically separated in its own gel-filled cavity, so performance isn’t hit by unwanted resonances or vibrations, for a more natural, spacious sound.

Serious and accurate bass performance is equally vital to such a room-filling speaker. That’s why the 683 S2 features a new bass driver construction method, using a similar method of bracing to the tweeter with twin layers of aluminium. The richer, distortion-free bass response is sumptuous.

As well as new bass driver construction techniques and a new tweeter, brought in from Bower & Wilkins high-end series, the 683 S2 also boasts an FST Kevlar midrange driver. Serious technology, serious performance, but seriously affordable for a speaker of this calibre.

 Preventing cabinet vibrations reaching the tweeter leads to cleaner, sweeter high-frequency performance. Synthetic gel cushions a Decoupled tweeter, with the assembly isolated from the mounting. The result is a more natural, spacious sound.

Sound from the rear of a driver or tweeter can bounce around a cabinet and undermine the good sound coming from the front. Nautilus Tapering Tubes, filled with absorbent wadding, reduce unwanted sound to a minimum.

It is the lovely refined and airy treble that has been the hallmark of the CM series, and now that fine character has been “trickled down” to the 600 series as well. While not all aspects of the build standard of the CM series can be expected to be present at the lower price level of the 600 series, there are many benefits of the design expertise and manufacturing standards that B&W prides itself on.

The largets floor standing model, the 3-way design 683 uses the FST midrange speakers, or 'Fixed Suspension Transducer'. Kevlar cones are mounted in a narrow ring of foam. This 'surroundless' suspension minimises distortion by converting unwanted energy into heat, not sound. The result is the cleanest midrange around.

The 683 S2 has an incredibly coherent performance across the full frequency range. It has the sparkling top and midrange coupled to awesome bass response (the -6dB point is 30Hz) to ensure your enjoyment of a wide range of music.

As a group the 600 S2 series can be configured as a full surround system too, bringing lifelike sound quality to your movie experience. The makeup of the system can be varied to suit your room and budget.


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