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Focal - Aria 948

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Walnut Finish - $5750    
Black, white or prime walnut finish - 

The Aria 948 breaks away from the medium-sized bass drivers which the others in the range use, and goes to the twin 210mm "Flax Sandwich" woofers, with 165mm midrange and the 25mm inverted dome tweeter. The cabinet is large, measuring 1150x371x420mm (hwd), with a forward and downward firing reflex ports. Having a -6dB reach down to 31Hz, you can guarantee to hear all the bass in most program material, be it music or movie soundtracks.

The new flax-based sandwich cones used in the Aria 900 series are in a way a return to natural fibres – most cones were once paper – but with a construction involving three layers. There are two layers of polymer enclosing the layer of flax fibres, hence the term “sandwich”. The objective is to give the cone lightness and speed combined with stiffness.  

Power handing of from 50w to 350w combined with great efficiency of 92.5dB means these speakers can be used with a variety of amplifiers, although it will remain true that larger amplifier usually deliver superior control over bass, dynamics, and ultimately also distortion-free sound due to their being relatively unstressed by the need to play sometimes at higher volumes. And sometimes playing at higher volumes with everything remaining just right is one of the benefits of the larger speaker as a species! Focal call the 948 a "return to true acoustic qualities", meaning that unfussed, easy and natural presentation, a lifelike representation of the music or drama.

Cabinets have been carefully constructed with at times 25mm thick MDF, and as usual attention is directed to vibration minimisation by strategically placed bracing and non-parallel sidewalls to reduce internal resonances. Finishes of gloss black or walnut, with extra trim features of glass top plates and front baffles finished in grained leather will add to the glamour of this range. Prices do vary for the different finishes, with Gloss Black adding $500 to the base price.




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