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Focal - Chorus 705

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Walnut finish $900
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The Chorus 705 is the smaller of the 700 series bookshelf speakers, but like its predecessor the 705V, it delivers an amazingly detailed sound. The absence of the V in this new model number flows from the redesigned grille, which no longer has the v-shaped waveguide built into it. The updated styling features a smoother, curved treatment of the front edges, while retaining the trapezoidal cabinet cross-section (it’s narrower at the back than at the front, so the sides are not parallel) which is aimed at reducing standing waves within the cabinet.

The 705 is a 2-way design. It has the new TVN2 25mm Aluminium/Magnesium alloy inverted dome tweeter, and a 130mm polyglass midrange/bass. The 705 delivers a tonally balanced sound, from lively and detailed treble through smooth mids and tight bass, although less of it than the 706.

With efficiency of 89dB and 8 ohm impedance, the 706 presents an easy load for all amplifiers with low to average power levels (30-50w), although having a maximum recommended power rating of 100w means it can be teamed up with higher powered amplifiers for a fuller sound.

The Chorus 705 will give you an engaging “live” sound compared to any similarly priced competitor, adding fine detail and excitement. It’s an ideal choice for those wanting a highly competent and compact bookshelf speaker at a very reasonable price.


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