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Duntech - DSM-15


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The DSM-15 marks the return of the famous Duntech brand with an all-new design, the first for many years. Although the Orpheus speaker company has the rights to and can build the older Duntech designs to order, this is a completely new design incorporating modern drivers (and design theory)  and is put together in a craftsman’s fashion using only the best in materials, such as theAmerican walnut finish. The stands are fillable, and have a granite base plate.

It is a bookshelf speaker, although it comes with a beautifully integrated columnar stand. It is a two-way design with a 5” bass driver and 1” tweeter, selling for $8,950  the pair, although we note that they will sell for much more that this in the overseas markets. Immediately apparent is the construction quality of these speakers. Considerable time and effort (and I assume money) was taken to get the correct shape and curvature in the timber.  Sound quality is excellent. There is a notable lack of colouration of any kind, while the overall impression is of a lifelike sound, an uncanny presence of the performers on a very realistically cast soundstage.

At 89dB they may not require a huge amplifier to drive them, but like most high-end speakers they will continue to repay the additional investment in higher quality amplifiers with an improvement to the sound. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 60w per channel, with an upper limit of 500w! Duntech are also releasing a set of custom-designed valve monoblocks and matching pre-amplifier, so anyone wanting the perfect match can get it!

 To many audiophiles the  two-way bookshelf sized speaker is the ultimate, having simplicity of crossover, speed of reaction and accuracy in fine detail. The Duntech DSM-15 is destined to join the ranks of the legendary monitor speakers for the same reasons, plus the benefits of modern technologies and design expertise.



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