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Triangle - Esprit Comete

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$1899 for the Walnut Finish 
$2199 for High Gloss Black or White 

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Comete Ez is one of the most famous Triangle speakers - renound for incredible performances throughout the lower frequencies, this bookshelf speak has a performace on par with many larger floorstanders but without the larger foot print. 

The grills attach to the cabinet through the clever use of hidden magnets.This is a speaker that blends into its surroundings and brings out all the intensity of music. The ESPRIT Ez speakers are a truely desirable and aesthetic objects that fit in perfectly into your home environment.

Comete is the perfect speaker for those looking for big performace without a bigger cabinet style. 

Key features Include:
Tweeter TZ2500B with titanium dome
Natural Cellulose membrane on driver
New rubber pads to reduce vibrations
Next Generation biding post

Musicality, design and listening pleasure...
Take in the sleek design, it's all part of Triangle's quest for simplicity and purity of sound. 

Enjoy music in it's natural state...
The ESPRIT range features a major breakthrough in mid-range driver technology, which creates an astonishing delivery of sound. The mid-range driver, the key element of loudspeaker,reproduces the frequencies most audible to the human ear especially the lead vocal of your favourite tracks.

Natural cellulose mid range...
A new cone, constructed of natural cellulose, has been exclusively developed to reduce weight and increase rigidity. The membrane's purity brings extra life and dynamics to the ESPRIT's sound signature.       

A speaker finish tailor made for you...
Select a black or white high gloss finish to bring modernity and light to your living room, or prefer the walnut wood finish for a warn and natural touch.

Your music is our pleasure... 
High fidelity is above all about the pleasure of listening to a perfect reproduction of your favourite tracks. Whether classical, rock, jazz, hip-hop or electronic music, TRIANGLE knows that a great speaker must excel.

TRIANGLE speakers are extremely versatile thanks to their high sensitivity and strong dynamics. The horn-loaded tweeter can relay the fine, detailed subtleness of a large orchestra’s string section.  The midrange driver catches and reproduces all aspects and nuances of emotionally charged instruments, including the human voice. The objective is to express and convey all the emotions and the musical mastery that went into the tracks your favourite artists cut in the studio or on stage.

You'll find sensitivity and realism...
The TRIANGLE sound is built on a decision to build high performing speakers. Tweeters have a sensitivity of 96 db, which increases the overall efficiency of our speakers, therebyproducing tremendous energy and vitality. They provide a natural reproduction of the instruments and voices. As a result, the sound is literally brought to life.

Fast and detailed charateristics...
To create an excellent realism of voices, as well as the finesse and details of each instrument, a driver needs to be fast and accurate. TRIANGLE uses light and resistant materials to maintain maximum information levels even at low volume. TRIANGLE favours cellulose pulp membranes (paper) for the midrange drivers, due to the low weight and high rigidity. Combined with the small pleated suspensions, this assures low coloration, amazing accuracy and quality of voices.

The art of a quality speaker cabinet...
In order to reach the highest possible acoustical performance, particular attention is paid to the construction of the cabinet. Thanks to a high density fiberboard cabinet of up to 21 mm of thickness and clever use of reinforcements, ESPRIT Ez’s cabinets ensure very high rigidity in order to minimize vibrations from the drivers.

The Magellan project was a huge leap forward in the understanding of vibrational behaviour. TRIANGLE now uses high-precision laser sensors in order to place cabinet reinforcements at the optimal locations. Hence the ESPRIT Ez cabinet significantly reduces coloration and sound distortion, and only delivers the beauty and depth of the musical work.

Brushed aluminum terminal... 
Specially designed for ESPRIT Ez, the terminal is created in brushed aluminium, providing ease of use and extraordinary visual quality. The material prevents vibrations and seals the cabinet. Each terminal is equipped with high quality cooper binding posts with a self-locking system for banana plugs. In addition they can also accomodate a number of other connection choices. 

Cabinet type: bass-reflex
Midrange: 1x6,5”
Tweeter: Titanium 1”dome
Frequency range: 49 - 22
Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m
Nominal impendence: 8 ohms 
Minimal Impendence: 4,2
Power Handling: 80w
Peak power: 160w
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 200x234x400
Weight: 9.3kgs per speaker


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