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Triangle - Magellan Grand Concert


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This truly legendary loud speaker represents the ulitmate expression of the very heart and soul of the Triangle company.

Its structure comprises three distinct enclosures designed to ensure elimination of standing waves and vibration, because of this, there is considerable structual weight required for this loudspeaker.

There are many firsts within the design, for exaple the new exclusive Fixocal locking system, locks the three enclosures together with an incredible 1.6 tons of clamping pressure. Yes the Grand Concert is a technological showcase; but it's also much more that. All of Triangle’s passion for music has gone into it and they have strived for absolute perfection.

You discover that bass reproduction is incredibly deep, the mids and highs simply go beyond any expectation you might have, you can feel the ambiance and presence in even the largest of spaces.
At last, you can now enjoy a genuinely realistic listening experience.

With the Grand Concert, Triangle’s engineers have managed to blend together seemingly incompatible elements: the full texture of the timbre coupled with sublime airiness and power which conserves all its subtlty 

The advancements don't stop there, Triangle have developed an exclusive coupling process for the T16PG midrange driver, the result is an elimination of any vibration creates a sound image which is totally transparent and exceptionally sharp. !is principle of mechanical coupling is drawn upon for the configuration of the filters which are separate and isolated, each one functioning
uniquely within its own individual module.

2 x TZ2900GC Bi-Polar Horn Loaded Titanium Dome Tweeters with Phase Plug 
2 x T16GMF100-THG06 Cellulose fiber diaphragm
4 x T21GM-MT10-THG06 Glass Fibre Woofers with dual coil/magnets & half roll suspension
Magnetic Grills
Front Ported
Built in electronic overload protection

TRIANGLE has been designing, making and assembling high-quality speakers for over 35 years with one goal : to develop loudspeakers that reproduce the core emotion of music with increasing precision and vitality. TRIANGLE is offering a form of luxury craftsmanship, born from the passion and the work of its teams. Each item is made and assembled with uncompromised precision to strive for manufacturing perfection.

The BI-POLAR arrangement is designed to faithfully reproduce the soundstage by diffusing a 360° sound image both forwards and backwards in the speaker cabinet. The design utilises 2 of Triangles TZ2900GC tweeters and front and rear configurations. This horn loaded titanium tweeter has been optimized by countless hours of computer simulation and studio testing to ensure incredible characteristics. Its horn is shaped to provide a substantial attenuation of the directivity effect, i.e. off-axis drop in high frequency level. It delivers a remarkably smooth and fluid musical quality.

This dual tweeter configuration is complemented by 2 midrange of Triangle's mid-range T16GMF-100-THG06. This is a unique design offering extra wide bandwidth from 70 Hz to 4 000 Hz with minimum distorsion and the most linear output in the industry. The new cellulose fiber diaphragm features an exponential profile to ensure true-to-life reproduction in the medium frequency band.

Over the years, TRIANGLE has developed and patented innovations, improving upon the mechanics and vibrations of loud speakers.Every driver has been entirely redesigned. A new 185mm aluminum basket with better ventilation, new version of treated paper cones to increase clarity and top quality components to benefit from greater transparency and a more refined tonal balance.Other unique technology such as the twin vent and the SPEC system play their part in making TRIANGLE’s speakers unique.

It goes without saying that the Magellan cabinets are the ultimate expersion of Triangle's obsession with perfection. Constructions feature 7 high-density fiberboards of 3mm bent with a press so as to obtain an overall thickness of 21mm. This high-density cabinet helps to considerably reduce the speaker’s vibratory behavior.

The top of the cabinet is beveled at an angle of 5° to round off the edges and to better reflect light. This level of attention to the finest detail is the key of to a high quality product

In view of embellishing this woodwork and of achieving a special luster, ten coats of paint are added during production in order to reach the “piano lacquer” finish. The cabinets are carefully polished to remove any flaws before adding a new layer of paint.

The Grand Concert was installed for a philharmonic concert in the cathedral in Amiens, which is the most vast medieval edifice in France (it measures 145 m in length, with a 42.5 m vaulted nave and an interior volume of 200 000 m3). The Grand Concert loudspeakers manage this space with ease. 

Number of drivers 8
Number of ways 3
Tweeter (2x) TZ2900 GC
Midrange (2x) T16GMF100-THG06
Woofer (4x) T21GM-MT10-THG06
Sensitivity 91 dB/W/m
Frequency range 28 Hz – 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
Power handling 400 W
Repetitive peak power 800 W
SPL Max 116 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ω
Minimum impedance 2,5 Ω
Low frequency roll-off 300 Hz (12 dB/Oct)
High frequency roll-off 2800 Hz (24 dB/Oct)
Dimensions 2150 High x 600 Deep x 450 Wide mm
Weight per spea  100 kg

"The Magellan is the jewel in the crown, a magnificent blend of TRIANGLE, craftsmanship, pure luxury and cutting edge technology.

The ambitious Magellan program represents five years of research, and a passionate non compromising quest for perfection. It's a harmonious combination of fine materials and latest technology, which pushes limits to their upmost in every detail.

The Magellan is a rare precision-piece manufactured by expert hands, to be cherished and rediscovered every single day.

Magellan invites you to journey... Close your eyes and let yourself simply drift along with the music..."



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