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Audio Physic - Scorpio 25

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 The Scorpio 25 is a substantial but not overly imposing floor standing speaker, with side mounted woofers in addition to the forward firing tweeter and two mid-bass drivers. The crossover is described as 3.5 way, which Audio Physic explain as follows:

“When it comes to a three-and-a-half way design, a three-way loudspeaker is supplemented by an additional woofer/midrange driver covering the upper bass / lower mid frequencies up to approx. 500 Hz operating in parallel with the midrange driver.”
With efficiency at 91dB and covering a frequency range of 29Hz to 40kHz, this is a speaker with many virtues. You can expect to hear all the detail as if at a live performance, and the bass response is amazing for an enclosure measuring 1100x214x390mm (hwd). Given the efficiency, the 4 ohm loading should not be a problem with most well made amplifiers.
Reviewers often comment on the tonal accuracy, particularly with respect to voices and instrumental sounds, and superb imaging and soundstaging, with every performer located correctly both left-to-right and in depth. The approach that Audio Physic take is to minimise front baffle area and thereby reduce spurious reflections off that surface. Careful choice of drivers, special treatment of some drivers to reduce “ringing”, and also vibration dissipation in all areas including cable binding posts, contribute to a performance style which has a convincing degree of “lifelike” character and stage depth.
Audio Physic's three-way and three-and-a-half way loudspeakers are equipped with side firing woofers. Even when applying large-diameter cones, our loudspeakers keep a narrow baffle design which allows for the superb spatial imaging Audio Physic loudspeakers absolutely excel at. Compared to the configuration often used nowadays where the woofers are mounted only on one side, Audio Physic prefers to arrange them on both sides of the cabinet. The drivers are operating in phase (all woofer cones move simultaneously in the same direction, either inwards or outwards). Forces acting on the cabinet are nearly cancelled out with this effective – so called push-push configuration – and precise, low-resonance sound reproduction is achieved. However, the push-push configuration must not be confused with the push-pull principle commonly used for power amplifiers.
Other tricks of the trade used by Audio physic include Active Cone Damping:
Active Cone Damping (ACD) was first developed and implemented by Audio Physic in order to avoid resonances associated with metal cones. A silicone/rubber ring is mounted on the outer ring of the cone where it directly applies pressure on the cone. This is a highly effective means to eliminating the otherwise unavoidable ringing and therefore removes the metallic sound.

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