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Audio Physic - Step 25

$3100 or $3700 Premium Finish

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 The Step 25 is making a name for itself as a superb compact two-way monitor speaker. It uses some very advanced parts, such as the Hyper-Holographic Cone (HHC) drivers which Audio Physic came up with for their top models like the Caldera and Reference series. The tweeter (HHCT II) is a lightweight cone using a mixture of aluminium and ceramic stiffening.

The results are speed and accuracy such that every detail is not only produced, but produced so realistically that you’d think you were there. Of course there’s not the bass extension and force you get form a large multi-driver speaker, so there’s some lightening of the deeper textures. But the soundstage, midrange and fine detail are so good that the music communicates beautifully. This speaker exemplifies Audio Physic’s motto: No Loss Of Fine Detail.
Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound was mightily impressed with the Step 25:
All this adds up to make the Step 25 something special. Easily one of the most transparent small speakers I’ve hosted recently, its image and soundstage reproduction are so specific, timbres and tonal colors and micro-dynamics so alive and focused, that when I compare the sonic picture that the Step 25 casts against most other speakers it’s as if I’d just had a pair of cataracts removed.
Frequency Response: 55Hz-33kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 87dB
Dimensions: 320x175x250mm (hwd)
Recommended Amplifier Power: 10-120w
Finishes: Standard - Oak, Black Ash, Cherry, Walnut. Premium - Ebony, White Gloss, Black Gloss

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