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Powered Speakers

Powered speakers, also known as self-powered speakers and active speakers, are loudspeakers that have built-in amplifiers. They can be connected directly to a mixing console or other low-level audio signal source without the need for an external amplifier. 

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Sound in every direction
True 360° sound for consistent, uniform coverage. Place it in the center of the room and everyone gets the same experience.

RRP $299

Double immersion
Bose's best performing portable Bluetooth speaker yet sends sound in all directions, 360 of them in fact...

RRP $439

High-quality portable
18 hours of playback on a single charge and high-resolution, crystal-clear audio wherever you go!

RRP $499

The future reinvented
To say that the Devialet Phantom is a little out of the ordinary would be an understatement.

RRP $2,690

The future is now
A new engineering that out performs existing systems in ways that you never thought was possible...

RRP $3,590

More Powerful
The Gold Phantom is more powerful, more exhilarating and more refined than ever before!

RRP $4,690

Reach a higher dimension
Let the new Phantom take you higher and higher. With absolute power, precision and harmony.

RRP $2,890

Powered Floor Standers
Connect multiple sources wirelessly and away you go!

RRP $3,499

Wireless innovation
A new compact wireless music system from the engineers behind the award-winning Mu-so...

RRP $1,299

The Ultimate Bluetooth speaker
If you’ve got reservation about Bluetooth speakers, this is the one you’re going to love.

RRP $799

Get more emotion
Welcome to the new active loudspeaker by Triangle

RRP $1,199

Fine-spun Power
Slim and powerful, LN05A is a perfect fit for listening to music in your living room.

RRP $2,199

Modern powered miracles
Enjoy the best in sound whether from smartphone, streaming services, PC, NAS or TV audio.

RRP $999