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 We’re used to powered speakers being relatively compact, often just for use on your desktop with your computer. These ones are quite different in size, capability and connections.

The Easya powered hifi speakers open up a whole new approach to enjoyment of multiple sources of audio with a minimum of gear. They speakers contain their own amplification, so you don’t need an amp. Then the Hub sends the selected audio to them wirelessly, so no speaker wires!

In turn, the Hub gets its signal by various means, whichever best suits your sources. There are inputs for Bluetooth, USB, Coaxial and Optical Digital, and good old stereo analogue via 3.5mm jack or a pair of RCAs.

Standing 905x172x240mm, they are a 2.5 way speaker, with 130mm polyglass woofer, same again for midrange, and Focal’s famous inverted dome tweeter of Aluminium/Magnesium alloy. The inbuilt amplifiers provide 85w per channel, and the frequency response is a healthy 50Hz – 28kHz (+-3dB), with a low frequency point of 43Hz (-6dB). In practical terms the upper limit will be 20kHz via the Hub, which has a frequency throughput of 0Hz-20kHz, using CD-quality sampling rate of 44.1kHz and 16 bit resolution.

Control of source switching and volume is via a remote control. The uses Easya speakers can be put to are many, ranging from music to television to gaming and yes, even everyday computer sound, but perhaps either side of rather than on the desktop!


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