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Bonus! Buy before end of July2014 and get a free Bluetooth module.
The Bonus Bluetooth receiver is a high quality Harman Kardon BTA10 valued at $99. Easily add Bluetooth® streaming capability to all the featured B&W speakers by simply connecting the BTA-10 to the 3.5mm AUX input and pairing with your Bluetooth equipped music source. Featuring Harman TrueStream for amazingly crisp audio quality, the BTA-10 is fully compatible with Bluetooth- equipped devices such as Apple, Android and Windows® smartphones and tablets. Compact and elegantly designed, the BTA 10 connects fast and allows you to access music from up to eight separate devices.
After the great work done by B&W in producing the Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini, it was to be expected that they’d get around to doing some pretty magical things with computer speakers. The MM-1 fulfil that promise, delivering amazing sound for their size. The styling is out of the same stable as the iPod docks, although more conventionally square in appearance. The simple black sock with polished metal girth strap (incorporating volume control, although there’s a small remote as well) is elegant and unlikely to clash with the mostly black computers of all sizes around these days.
The sound quality derives from the genuine two-way design, featuring a miniature Nautilus style “tubed” tweeter plus a mid-bass driver. Inside the MM-1 is a DAC which ensures the supply of high quality audio signals rather than rely on the DAC in the computer – you feed digital into the MM-1 via a mini USB input. There’s a bonus too in the 3.5mm headphone socket which allows you to tap into a better sound than when you connect headphones directly to the computer. They get the benefit of the onboard processign in the MM-1, as well as the better amplification. The speakers mute when headphones are connected.
The end result is fantastic sound either way, and they’re capable of playing very loud without distortion. Quality in a small package is just what’s required for this application, and B&W have done it to perfection with the MM-1.

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