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Bonus! Buy before end of July2014 and get a free Bluetooth module.
The Bonus Bluetooth receiver is a high quality Harman Kardon BTA10 valued at $99. Easily add Bluetooth® streaming capability to all the featured B&W speakers by simply connecting the BTA-10 to the 3.5mm AUX input and pairing with your Bluetooth equipped music source. Featuring Harman TrueStream for amazingly crisp audio quality, the BTA-10 is fully compatible with Bluetooth- equipped devices such as Apple, Android and Windows® smartphones and tablets. Compact and elegantly designed, the BTA 10 connects fast and allows you to access music from up to eight separate devices.

The new B&W Panorama 2 (looks on the surface pretty much like the earlier one) is a multi-speaker “soundbar” style of system. It has the amplifiers, processing, speakers and input sockets, plus remote control, all in a neat horizontal format that can sit on any flat surface. It can also be wall mounted. For deep bass you’ll need to add a subwoofer, just as you do for most surround systems. The Panorama 2 has nine completely new drivers, and five of these (two bass, two midrange and a tweeter) form the main front array, while two midrange on either side do the surround effects.

HDMI has been added (three in, one out), and the new control panel has "proximity sensor" to switch it on as you approach!












 Even without a subwoofer this unit will take you from the ordinary sound of most TVs right up to an exciting hifi standard. When in surround modes the multi-speaker array can bounce sound off the walls to achieve a form of surround sound without rear effects speakers – they are housed in the main unit and angled outwards.
With three HDMI plus optical/aux, the Panorama 2 is a neat substitute for the normal “amplifier and speakers” sound system – there are enough in/outs to connect all the sources you’re likely to be using.


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