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A large proportion of loudspeakers are termed ‘bookshelf’ speakers, yet despite this term, they will perform better on a purposely built speaker stand than on a bookshelf.

The quality of the speaker-stand will have a very marked impact on the performance of your speakers. Firstly they must be very rigid. Speakers work by moving air, and as they push air forward there is a tendency for the speaker to rock backwards, reducing the impact of the music. The more stable the stand, the tighter and more controlled you music will sound.

Nor should the stands store energy and transfer it back into the speakers. Good stands can be expensive, but it is money well spent.

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Stands That Deliver
Elegant in glass


All new speaker stand
Improved acoustic performance over the outgoing FS700 CM

RRP $899

Tailor Made
Focal Speaker Stands.


Speaker Stands
Focal Diablo speaker stands.


Speaker Stands
For use with Sib speaker


Dome speaker stands.
Dome Stands gloss black


A taller fixed stand
at 736mm/29" these are higher than your average stand of 500-600mm.

RRP $399

Stand & deliver
Make a feature of you bookshelf speaker and present it neatly upon a floor stand.

RRP $299

excellent heavy stands
Suitable for quality monitor speakers


Elegant Three-column style
Suits a wide range of two-way monitor speakers

$349 black/$299 silver per pair

Height adjustable stands
Ideal for rear effects where extra height is needed

RRP $339