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Bowers & Wilkins - STAV24 S2 Stand


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The STav 24 speaker stands offer the perfect support for the Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 and 686 S2 bookshelf speakers. The stands feature a very rigid yet elegant design that will elevate the speakers to an idea heigh of 600mm from ground whilst providing a stable and secure platfiorm to maximise performance. 

Why choose speakers stands
So you've got your system set up, you've chosen source and amplification components. You've been selective with your cable decisions. You may have even included power conditioning and dedicated furniture to complement your component configration. But what about the speaker stands?

Speaker stands serve an important function in any system that uses bookshelf speakers. A properly designed speaker stand allows you to place the speak on a sturdy platform which in turn helps promote the highest quality sound reproduction, particulary in the lower registers of sound. The trouble with placing speakers on a bookshelves or tables (for example), is that the speaker(s) can easily vibrate these mediums, which in-turn can distort the playback perfomance.

Another consideration is to consider the height of the speakers. Positioning speakers either too high or too low when you are in yoru normal listening postion means you will miss many of the frequencies which diminishes during playback. 

Stand Material: Metal
Compatibility: 685 S2 and 686 S2 speakers
Net Weight: 4.3 Kg
Finish: Black
Supplied as a pair of two  


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