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B&W - M1 (5.1)

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 The B&W M1 satellite speaker is a proven high quality small speaker which delivers superb clarity and has excellent cosmetics as well. It can be sat on a flat surface or mounted to wall or ceiling positions with the purpose-built brackets.

There are three different B&W subwoofers that are recommended for use with the M1, and the total cost varies depending on which is chosen. They are as follows:

M1 x 5 with the ASW608 subwoofer (MT-50 System) - $2499

M1 x 5 with the ASW610 subwoofer (MT-55 System) - $2749

M1 x 5 with the PV1D subwoofer (MT-60D System) - $3949

Naturally the PV1D option will give you the best bass quality of all these options.

Each of the systems can be ordered in black or white. Floor stands can be obtained for the M1 satellites at $449/pair.

M1 Compact Monitors are available at $320 each.














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