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Subwoofers have been around for decades, but have only become popular since the advent of Home Theatre. Movie producers use bass to great effect, be it for impact as in a bomb blast or motor crash, or simply to set the mood with an underlying bass note. All A/V receivers have a dedicated bass channel, and while you can get away without a subwoofer it is not advisable.

Subwoofers for stereo applications can be more critical than for movies. In a Home Theatre environment your senses are distracted by the film itself, while when listening to music you are totally focused on what is coming from your speakers. A poor subwoofer tends to make all bass notes sound the same. They may reach down into the lower registers, but there is no definition. If you are listening to acclaimed bass player Charlie Hayden you want to hear all the subtleties in his music, not simply a flow of mono-tone notes.

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Versatile Subwoofer
This versitle sub compliments the rest of the range

RRP $2,299

All new version of PV1
Now with EQ to enhance versatility

RRP $2,299

Happy medium between the more diminutive ASW608 and the all-out power of the ASW610XP

RRP $1,099

Compact, down-firing
Designed to complement the Dome satellites, but a very useful option separately

RRP $1,050

Wireless Sub Sonos
A revolutionary design enables various room placements and fine tuning

RRP $999

A new sonic experience
Sunfire XTEQ brings so much more than just spectacular sound.

RRP $2,999

Maximum performance
Get maximum performance in a minimalist form with the XTEQ12

RRP $3,499

Small and tough!
The smallest Sunfire sub in the DS series packs serious wallop for minimal cost

RRP $899

Amazing performance
Here's a 10" sub (active + passive) with 300w power, and a sealed enclosure

RRP $1,099

12" Powerhouse
High power and sealed enclosure for low, tight bass

RRP $1,399

Heavy duty 10"/1000w
Very heavy build standard plus high power and smart technologies

RRP $2,199

Small Stature, Big Power
8" plus 1000w in a sealed enclosure, only 254mm cubed

RRP $1,599

Exciting Performance
18Hz lower reach plus 108dB sound levels makes a serious impression

RRP $2,499

Goddess of sound
The power to change the shape of sound in a compact package.

RRP $1,599

D class perfection
The ideal partner for HiFi & HomeTheatre has arrived. Be prepared to be impressed.

RRP $2,199

Great performance
Improve your the performance of your system with extra bottom end

RRP $999

DD improved!
A complete redesign sees even better performance

RRP $6,499

An earth shaking experience
The 15" DD Plus can shake the house!

RRP $7,999