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Velodyne - DD12 Plus


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Velodyne's Digital Drive PLUS series is the ultimate subwoofer in the world today. Reproducing the most challenging bass in movies, music and computer games at less than ½% distortion, the DD+ produces both the most powerful and dynamic bass, as well as the subtleties of the deepest music.

Velodyne’s Digital Drive Plus series incorporates some very clever software in addition to the massive woofer and high powered amplifier. Specially written by Velodyne, the programming enables sophisticated equalization to correct for room acoustic variations. The included microphone samples the in-room output and this can be graphed on a monitor, and corrections applied to achieve the flattest response possible.

The Plus series is no mere facelift, but is a redesign of the whole woofer, the cabinet, and upgrades to the embedded software as well.
The bass driver is now a Fibreglass & Rohacell sandwich cone, with longer travel suspension and a more efficient (six layer, custom wound) coil to take advantage of that. The suspension or “spider” is doubled for better stability, and more precise linear travel means lower distortion, now an industry-best of less than 0.5%. The new driver structure also runs cooler for longer life expectancy.

The cabinet has more bracing to reduce unwanted resonances, always an important area for refinement. The amplifier is an improved (and patented) 1250w  Energy Recovery System (ERS) which delivers massive power while being more efficient, or “green”.
The system settings are comprehensive. If you want a minimum of fuss in getting set up, here’s one-touch Auto-EQ which will send out test tones and make adjustments to the various frequencies without you having to do anything. But if you want to do a more painstaking setup you can observe the test tones and see where the graph (send it to your laptop screen via USB) is too high or low, and make adjustments to any of the frequency bands that are out of tolerance. This will also enable you (if you wish to try it) to see the differing results with the subwoofer in different positions in the room.
Of course the subwoofer is remote controlled, so no fiddling with rear panel knobs and switches is necessary. That back panel, however, is very completely fitted out with connections (see picture below). There are RCA line level sockets plus speaker level inputs, and XLR sockets as well which enable high quality connections both in and out.
The front panel is concealed behind the grille but offers direct access for volume and crossover, plus one-touch Auto EQ setup, microphone input and USB.

The software also monitors cone excursions and applies corrective action to reduce distortion at any time, but particularly when the system is pushed hard – those moments when a lesser subwoofer will flap!

The combination of 1250w class D amplification, extremely solid, sealed cabinets, and hugely strong woofers with heavyweight magnets (over 15kg in the DD12 Plus) means that these subwoofers deliver the best-controlled, deepest and cleanest bass in the business.
While each increase in size shows only a small increase in frequency response (one or two Hz lower), the improvement in performance is audible in terms of overall punch or dynamic impact with each step up.


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