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Velodyne - EQ-Max10


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The CHTQ series of subwoofers from Velodyne is to be replaced by the new EQ-Max series, starting with the 10'/250mm model. Other models will follow over time.

In broad terms, the sizing in the new range remains much as per the usual, with woofers ranging from 8”/203mm up to 15”/380mm. The effective piston diameters may be some 15% less when you take off the roll-surround from that sizing, but then you can add back in the high-powered class D amplification. This type of amplifier has been used for a while now in the SPL and DD series subwoofers, and using it in the EQ-MAX series gives them a boost in power, ranging from 180 watts RMS at the small end up to a massive 750w RMS at the big 15” end. Apart from inherent efficiency and higher power delivery, these amplifiers also run cooler – which helps when you’re putting that much power into a closed box.
The cones used in the bass drivers are reinforced fiberglass; all are custom-designed with vented pole-pieces, 2-layer copper voice coil windings (4-layer in the 15”) and massive magnets, from 2-5 kilos approximately.
Velodyne’s distortion-limiting circuitry monitors cone excursions and backs off the power if it senses that distortion has crossed the line. When you set the subwoofer up in your room, you place it where you want it, and then activate the EQ system. Using the supplied microphone and self-generated test tones, this applies corrections so that your room response (which may have bass peaks or suck-outs) is compensated for by the subwoofer itself.
There are four phasing settings you can use: 0/90/180/270. These are to get the right relationship between bass output from your main speakers and that from the subwoofer, to avoid cancellation effects. Put simply, the right setting is the one that delivers the most solid bass to your listening position. Phasing and volume can be controlled using the supplied remote.
Downward firing bass reflex ports assist in maximizing the efficiency and also avoid distortion caused by “port noise” or turbulence associated with these openings.


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