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Sunfire - SFHRS8B


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The guiding principles behind Sunfire subwoofers are (i) compactness, (ii) to go as low as possible, and (iii) play loud! To achieve these goals in the HRS range, they have utilised every angle available, starting with heavy 20mm MDF enclosures, which are sealed and not ported, to get tighter bass, without the 'boom'. The drivers have to be light but rigid in cone structure and heavy in the magnet, with very long travel. To exert the force and subtle control over the cone's excursions, there must be high power, but this must be guided by smart technologies which maintain clean performance even when the system is working hard.

The baby of the HRS series is the HRS8, but even at this diminutive size of around 254mm cubed, you'll get a powerhouse rated at 1000w from a cool-running Class D amplifier module. Cool running, because class D gives off very little waste energy in the form of heat - they are very efficient. That's important when you put a powerful amplifier into a box, as breakdowns happen more often when heat is allowed to build up in an amp module. And why waste energy anyway? It's needed to deliver the maximum punch possible from the woofer.  The HRS8 frequency response of 22Hz - 100Hz with sound pressure levels up to 102dB makes this baby a shoe-in for rooms up to 45 square metres.

As you'd expect, there are adjustments for volume, crossover frequency and Phase (0-180 Degrees). Power can be On, Off or or Auto On/Off (signal sensing). There are inputs of both line level (gold plated RCA) and speaker level to use as required. There are also two larger models in this series, the HRS10 and the HRS12 - see separate pages for those ones in this section of the website.

The Sunfire HRS series deliver a level of performance, construction and technology beyond anything else at this price level or even substantially higher, and are highly recommended.  


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