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Best iPod Dock?
The rCube has had the best reviews for a product of this type we've seen in ages

$798 now$599

Neat Solution, great sound
CD, Tuner, Amp, Streaming, all in the one chassis.

$2498 now $1499

World Class AV Receiver
Precise, detailed and natural. A high performance 7.1 channel unit with Audiophile-like sound quality...

RRP $1,699 Was $3,499

Ultimate wall-mount rears
High-end model to suit 800 series. Can be configured as monopole or dipole.

$6999 now $3900

Bookshelf Speakers
Compact size but an accomplished performer

Now $599/pr w/o stands

At Rock Bottom Price
"Sandstone" or "Granite" look, weatherproof.

were $299 now $99

A Book-sized Portable
Perhaps the optimum travel-weight portable speaker

Was $399 now just $330

Bryston's Flagship Model
Incredibly detailed and musical at very low levels with the same rock solid sophistication when you want to push it up.

$22,000 was $28,000

Classy French Set
Sophisticated sound at the right price

$1299 now $999

An Upright Performer
The ultimate PC/media amplifier

$999 now $699

One Only
Fully balanced stereo integrated amplifier

$2999 now $2299

One Only
Three types of digital input, and XLR + RCA outputs

$2495 now $1895

Take your listening to another level
The growing need for a user friendly DAC with USB interface answered with this brilliant device.

RRP $1,899 Was $2,499

Stunning System on Sale
This demonstration unit in our showroom by French firm Elipson is in perfect condition – so what do you get in the package?

$3299 Was $4,249

Centre or whole set
Also matches D5 Sat

RRP $499 Was $999

L/C/R speaker
slimline with bracket

$1599 pair now $799
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