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Incredible Televisions are just the begining at Len Wallis Audio. Discover our range of Televisions and Home Projectors.

There has been incredible changes in the Visual entertainment category in the last few years. We have gone from bulky CRT TV screens to plasma and LCD (incorporating LED lighting systems) screens. We have witnessed substainly increases in definition formats and refresh rates right up to the current bench market of 4K or Ultra High Definition. Smart or intenet connected televisions have very much become a standard feature in the last 18months.

Just as the size of screens continues to grow the prices have continued to fall. Similarly, the performance of video projection has improved immensely. Dedicated home theatres are increasing in popularity, and the current entry cost of screens means that increasing numbers of people are investing in multiple TV’s for their homes. 

OLED TV Displays - a new beginning 
The exciting thing about OLED TV displays is that every individual organic pixel can create its own individual light and colour output. This means true perfect black can be produced, as individual pixels can simply turn off in dark scenes, creating better contrast ratio (the difference between the brightest and the darkest part of image) without light bleeding from the edges of the display – an issue commonly seen with LED LCD TV screens.

OLED screens can even achieve deeper blacks than Panasonic’s legendary plasma TVs, while avoiding the picture noise associated with plasma technology. OLED TVs even offer superior viewing angle performance compared to LED LCD panels that suffer luminance degradation when viewed from an angle.

We recommend expert picture calibration service from AVICAL AUSTRALIA
Make the most of your LCD/LED TV or Home Theatre Projectors and see the detail previously missing from the picture due to incorrect settings.
Enjoy more realistic colours and flesh tones PLUS sharper, clearer true to life images.

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Recently added televisions & projectors


The professional choice
The most advanced display technology with industry leading image processing to deliver a viewing experience

RRP $5,899

Laser light source
The VPL-VW760ES 4K Home Cinema Projector puts you in control of the ultimate entertainment experience.

RRP $22,995

Extraordinary Perfected
A massive 77" or 164 cm screen size means a complete OLED immersion experience like never before...