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Panasonic - TH-32C400A


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Panasonic's 'baby' 32' (80cm) LED LCD flat panel might be the entry level model of the range but it still offers superb class winning quality and features. 

Backlight Motion Rate
Offering such innovative features such as 100Hz Backlight Motion Rate. This innovative feature ocver comes judder and resolution loss when showing fast moving pictures by sequentially turning on and off sections of the screens backlight during the rendering of each frame. The result much clearing and smoother motion. 

Dot Noise Reduction
With the arrival of sharper images on televsion screens thanks to High Definition - some sources of media have found to be wanting in terms of clarrity. Specifically many sources contain obvious visual noise that can create grainy and fuzzyimages. Panasonics in-built 'Dot Noise' reduction fixes this with it's onboard detection and correction processors. 

Media Player
Everyone wants easy viewing of photos and video on a big screen. Panasonics in-built media codecs allow you to playback virtually any media content wether it's music, movies or photo's. Using a uSB stick - just slot your media into one of the USB ports for playback. You can even can even customise playbackwith a wealth of options to create your own interactive slide shows - great for parties or when friends are over! 

HDMI Input
Advanced AV entertainment starts with HDMI connections and with multiple ports available you can connect Discplayers, gaming consoles and more simutanously and then us the remote to swap between the sources. 

Bright Panel — Wide Colour Phosphor Panel —
Screen Resolution 1,366 (W) x 768 (H)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Viewing Angle 178 degree
Panel Drive 100Hz BMR
Speakers Full Range x 2
Speaker Output 20 W (10 W x 2) 
Speakers Full Range x 2
Speaker Output 20 W (10 W x 2)


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