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Panasonic - TH77EZ1000U


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 When you combine the stunning contrast and color of the next-gen Panasonic OLED Television that is the TH-65EZ1000U with tuning by hollywood film makers, HDR Coloration and cutting edge image processing capability - you have the most impressive picture Panasonic has ever created.

This Flagship model features razor thin panel with integrated Technics tuned sound-bar and seamless cable management to elevate your home cinema experience to a level never thought possible until now. This is a home cinema experience that will surpass your every expectation.

Previously the realm of product designer dreams and the subject of science fiction - The EZ1000U Series takes OLEDs unique qualities and improves on them with a powerful mix of professional-grade Panasonic TV technology and Hollywood know how. What has resulted is picture qualit that rivals the film industry master monitors. These are the very screens that are used in post prodution for editing and final coloration before the Master tape is locked for cinematic distribution. What this means to you is images that match almost exactly, the images as the film makers intended. 

Dynamic Blade Speaker Tuned by Technics
Experience Superior Sound Technology by Technics Engineers. The EZ1000's stunning pciture is enhanced by the very best sound, thanks to Panasonics 'Dynamic Blade Speaker'. This deceptively slim audio system houses no less that 14 speaker units, eight woofers, four squawkers and two tweeters PLUS a quad passive radiator to boost bass. 

Premium 4K Technology
Tuned by Hollywood professionals for a truly cinematic picture, Panasonic OLED 4K PRO HDR TV represent the pinnacle of our achievements in panel technology. The combine our cutting edge HCX2 processors with professional-quality color managment technology (Hexa Chroma Drive Pro) and wide colour displays to amze viewers with dramatic highlights and shadows.  

4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro
Due to the additional resolution of 4K, an expanded color pallet becomes an essential element in utillising this increased resolution to it's maximum. This is where Pansonic's expertise comes into it's own. The wider color coverage and professional processing technology with '6-color reproduction (up from the normal 3), has realised a new reference class 4K picture that satisfies even the fussiest content creators from Hollywood. If your loooking for industry standard excellence, you'll find it with Panasonic.

Studio Color HCX2 is so much more than just another acronym...
There is alot of abveriation nowdays with technology but there is a new one that you need to commit to memory. And that is HCX2. Why? It's the name of Panasonic's special Studio Color Processor for 4K screens that's been tuned by professional Hollywood Colorists. These are the professionals that color grade commerical films for cinema. They are color experts. This system controls the color outputs in the television and having this specially tweaked and tuned by Hollywood Professionals means when you playback content, you'll be seeing just as the filmakers intended.

Multi HDR Support
Be ready for the Next-Generation of High Dynamic Range Broadcast - The Panasonic TH-65EZ1000U supports multiple HDR formats such as HDR10 found on UHD Blu-Rays and the latest Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR format developed by the BBC and Japans NHK for the new generation of HDR braodcast services. 

THX Certified Display 
The picture quality of Professional Cinema in Your Living Room. THX was founded by legendary film maker Geoge Lucas with the goal of imprving the entertainment experience in the cinema and the home. Only televisions that pass 400 check point THX lab test with 30 test categories receive the mark of 4K Display certification. Their rigorous performance standards and uncompromised picture quality ensure that you experience the filmmaker's vision exactly as it was intended.

Panasonics Unique Absolute Black Filter
Intensely RIch Balack Shades - Exclusive to the EZ1000U Series. While the OLED technology is renowed for its ability to deliver 'absolute black', external reflections can reduce the accuracy of the black tone reproduction. The unique Absolute Balck Filter exclusive to the Panasonic EZ1000U OLED TV Series, neutralises reflections, resulting in far more intensely rich and accurate black shades. 

The Ultimate Design for Exquisite Quality 
Seamless Construction with Dark & Elegant Metallic Finish. As part of the Panasonic Art & Interiro concept. The EZ1000 has been designed with a flat screen that seems to float magically above its stand and created with dark metalic finishes that enhance its seamless construction. The clever construction also ensures cables are not visable, adding to the TV's elegant look and feel. Finally, this television delivers a perfect blend of form and fuction with its powerful sound system., which is integrated tastefully into the pedestal stem. 

Watch Catch-up TV with the Simple Press of a Button
 FreeviewPlus combines the catch-up* on-demand services and live television together in one place, absolutely free! If you have missed your favourite TV show, don't worry. You can find it in FreeviewPlus with a Panasonic Smart TV. Watch ABC Kids in ABC iView, SBSonDemand, Channel Nine's Now, PLUS7, TENplay and more - you won;t be missing a thing with FreeviewPlus. 

Screen Resolution >  3,840 (W) x 2,160 (H)
Panel Drive OLED Superb Motion Drive
Picture Mode Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/THX 4K (Cinema/Bright Room)/Custom/Professional1/Professional2 (isfccc)
Signal Processor Studio Color HCX2
Hexa Chroma Drive 4K Hexa Chroma Drive PRO
Sound Quality Surround VR-Audio True Surround+
Speakers Dynamic Blade Speaker: Tweeter x 2, Squaker x 4, Woofer x 8, Quad Passive Radiator
Speaker Output 80 W (20 W x 2 + 20 W x 2)r
Rated Power Consumption 2.28 A
Power Supply AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Digital Tuner Reception DVB-T
Analogue Tuner 4-System (PAL/NTSC/M-NTSC/PAL-60)
HDMI HDMI*8 2 (side), 2 (rear)
HDMI (4K 60/50p with HDCP2.2) 4
Support Feature Audio Return Channel (Input 2)
USB 3 (1 side, 2 rear; USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2) LAN Port 1
Component Video Input shared with Composite RCA phono type x 1 (side)
Composite Video Input RCA phono type x 1 (side)
Digital Audio Output (Optical) 1 (rear)
Analogue Audio Output — Headphone Output 1 (side)
GENERAL Included Accessory*9 Touch Pad Remote / TV Remote
Dimensions (W x H x D) (w/o stand) 1723 x 998 x 52 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (with stand)*10 1723 x 1090 x 388 mm
Weight (w/o stand) 35.0 kg
Weight (with stand) 44.0 kg


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